Kopke 30 Year Old Tawny Port

Kopke 30 Year Old Tawny Port


Kopke is a historical wine that shows exceptional years that are worth keeping.
Those years can be relived and celebrated at any time.
The grapes for this wine are hand-picked at the ideal time.
Afterwards they are destemmed, crushed and converted into wine which is done by a careful maceration process that helps to extract their colour, tannins and aromas that are improved by constant mixing and churning during process of fermentation in vats (lagares) at a controlled temperature from 28 to 30°C to reach the right degree of sweetness (baumé).
Then we add grape brandy to make the final invigorated wine that has high quality created by blending wines of different harvests.
By doing so, we achieve a collection of sensory qualities that are typical of these aged ochre Port wines. Each wine is matured in oak casks for different periods of time.
The age that is printed on the label of this Kopke Port wine is the average age of all the wines in the blend.
The final blend shows the characteristics given by the ageing in wood.

The resulting wine is amber in colour with green hues and sophisticated aromas of dried fruit.
It is well-balanced, harmonious, intense and fulsome with notes of vanilla and honey and an outstanding and lasting finish.
It is also appealing with a starter of foie gras with aubergine and walnuts.
This wine can be served with any type of desserts, for example, toffee brownies, chocolate and pistachio pavé, or crostini of walnuts with chèvre.
Best serving temperature is between 12°C – 14°C.

Spain: Douro

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