When many people think “Italian White Wine” Pinot Grigio is the first the come to mind and with good reason! Pinot Grigio is the most imported variety of wine in America.

Fans of Pinot Grigio can expect a light-bodied, delicate white wine that is a natural pairing for light dishes such as appetizers, salads, or fish.

Although the variety is indigenous to Burgundy, it is now grown in many wine regions all over the world. It is perhaps most commonly associated as coming from the Italy, where it is produced in large quantities.

Pinot Grigio is grown throughout Northern Italy, but is most commonly found in Veneto, Umbria, Trentino, Emilia-Romagna, and Friuli.

Although some turn up their nose at mass produced Pinot Grigios, It is one of the most commercially popular wines. There are plenty of quality producers that make more refined wines, which reward drinkers with nuanced flavor and body.

Depending on the region, producer and price point, Pinot Grigios range from light to medium in body and typically exhibit pear, apple, and nectarine notes, along with citrus, acidity, and light minerality.

These wines are intended to be consumed young.

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