Domaine Seguin

The upper Loire Valley is known for two iconic wine growing sub-regions – Pouilly Fume, and Sancerre. Nearly all wine cultivated in these areas are from the Sauvignon Blanc variety.

Crisp, appropriately acidic, and aromatic, these wines are an amazing experience on both the nose and palate. They also tend to be somewhat more expensive compared to Sauvignon Blancs from other regions – but not necessarily without good reason.

Pouilly Fume to the east of the Loire river, and Sancerre to the west, each region’s terroir imparts slightly different characteristics to their respective wines. Mostly unoaked, these wines have amazing structure with perfumy notes of grapefruit and gooseberry with a slight note of honey.

Wines from the Pouilly Fume tend to be a little more full-bodied than their Sancerre counterparts.

These wines pair amazingly well with nearly all kinds of seafood and salad greens with citrus or vinegar based dressings. The classic pairing of Sancerre with grilled goat cheese is quite possibly the best thing to put in one’s mouth.

Somewhat collectable, a good vintage of Upper Noire white can shelve for up to ten years; although, that could be pushing it. It is suggested you drink them in the 4-6 year age range.

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