Jim Barry

The home of Cabernet Sauvignon is in Bordeaux. However, Australia has found great success growing it, especially in the regions of Coonawarra and Margaret River.

These Cabs balance the dark, rich fruit that Cab is known for with flavors of mint and eucalyptus.

With climates that are similar to France’s Bordeaux, Australia has found success making Cabernet Sauvignon wines, especially the wines from Coonawarra in the South and Margaret River in the West. While it is often blended with the popular Shiraz grape, it can make lovely balanced wines on its own.

The Cabs of Australia do not have quite as much richness or alcohol as Cabs from the Napa Valley, or the subtle complexity of the best Bordeauxs. They do, however, possess a beautiful balance of fruit, acidity and tannin. With all of these elements in harmony, these wines are delightful after a few years of aging.

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