Mouton Cadet

Today Pierre Lambert, the Mouton Cadet cellar-master, and his team of dedicated winemakers and growers apply their skills and expertise to break with tradition and make a unique wine where respect for the terroir and people goes hand in hand with a spirit of freedom and individuality.

All that know-how has a single purpose: to share the emotion of wine-drinking with lovers of Mouton Cadet, wherever in the world they happen to be. Its unique style, constant yet alive from one vintage to the next, is the result of a precise blend of the different grape varieties from which it is made.

Each appellation and each terroir in the Bordeaux region has a specific set of characteristics which have a considerable influence on the expression of the grape varieties planted there. In order to guarantee and maintain consistent quality at the highest level, Mouton Cadet’s winemakers have forged privileged relations with their partner winegrowers in order to establish a sourcing policy unique in Bordeaux.

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