Villa Maria

New Zealand has received a lot of attention for their stunning, world-class Sauvignon Blanc wines, but maybe their most exciting wine is Pinot Noir.

These wines are direct and thoughtful, brimming with fresh red cherries, fresh cut roses, and a little bit of wet earth. These might be the best Pinot Noir values in the world!

The cool and beautiful countryside of New Zealand is good for more than just exquisite movie backdrops and Sauvignon Blanc. Over the past couple of decades, they have been quietly growing some of the most exciting Pinot Noir in the world.

Especially in Central Otago and Marlborough, New Zealand is crafting Pinot Noirs that are beautiful with their youthfulness, fresh fruit, and straight-forward nature.

The wines are not as complex as Burgundy, but they are also lighter than most California Pinots. You can expect light garnet-colored wines with fresh flavors of red cherry, cranberry, and red flowers complemented with soft, silky tannins.

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